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Air compressors can pass on moisture and oil, into the hoses, lines, and equipment you use on your system.  Having the proper filtration in place can help maintain your equipment and piping, and prevent unnecessary repairs. Air Compressors Plus offers various types of filters, regulators, and desiccant systems, to help you protect your equipment and end product.  Whether it's to regulate your air pressure, or to eliminate moisture and/or oil from your air system, we have the parts needed to protect your system and equipment.  Call or stop in today to see how we can help you.

Particulate Filters (5 Micron)
Regulators (Gauge not included)
Coalescing Filters (.01 Micron) (Must Use Prefilter)
Filter-Regulators (5 Micron filter - Gauge not included)
Air Compressors Plus sells a variety of pressure gauges in both back, and bottom mount varieties.  Contact us today if you need a new or replacement pressure gauge for your compressor.
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