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At Air Compressors Plus, we stock many parts and accessories, including pressure gauges, various compressor oils, air filters, oil filters, separator filters, and many sizes of belts.  When you need replacement parts for your compressor, call us first.  If we don't stock the parts you need, we have a network for both OEM, and after-market parts for almost any compressor.  Replacing your worn belts needs to be done correctly in order to maintain the correct belt tension.  Contact us for advice and help on replacing belts, or any other components on your air compressor. 

One of the best things you can do to maintain the life of your compressor, is to change the pump oil regularly.  The recommendation for piston compressors is to change the oil every 3 months, or 300 hours of run-time.  For rotary screw compressors, the recommendation is to change the oil every year, or 4000 hours of run-time.  

Air, oil, & separator filters should be changed on the recommended maintenance schedule of your particular compressor.  Keeping your filters changed on a regular schedule, allows your compressor to function at its intended capacity.  Dirty filters can prevent your compressor from working as intended, or worse, cause permanent damage to your investment.  At Air Compressor Plus, we can help you with all of your maintenance needs when it comes to your compressor.

Call us today at 952-233-7371 for all of your air compressor needs!

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