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CASTAIR Industrial series compressors feature all cast iron pumps, for long life and quiet operation.  They also feature disc & spring valves for easy service, higher efficiency and better reliability.  Industrial pumps are operated at slow rpm's ranging from 420 - 995 rpms, offering longer life and quieter operation.  The pistons have 4 rings, versus 3 in many other brands, providing less oil carry over.  Connecting rods are made of precision steel and have automotive-type rod insert bearings at the crankshaft, and needle bearings at the wrist pin, for long service life and reliability. 

The pumps also feature tapered roller bearings at both ends of the crankshaft, for superior support and less friction.  The C1 & C2 pumps have a centrifugal unloader for load-less startup every time.  The discharge and unloader tubes are made from copper for long life and heat dissipation.  Tanks are powder coated ASME tanks with 4 legs on verticals, and channels on horizontal tanks.  All motors are heavy duty 1725 rpm industrial motors with a full 15% service factor.

Industrial Series Compressors Available
Model #I15312HC3-S
Model #I10312VC2-S
Model #I518VC1-S
Avaiable Options - Not all options available on all compressors
  • Beltguard Aftercooler for 5, 7.5, and 10 hp - (BGAC1M); for 15 hp - (BGAC2M)

  • Low Oil Control - (6304M)

  • Intake Noise Silencer for C1 compressors - (SA100M); for C2 compressors - (SA100X2M)

  • Hour Meter 230 V - (HRM75M - 230V only)

  • Hour Meter for gas engines - (HRM50M)

  • Auto Drain - air operated - (ADVSM)

  • Auto Drain - electronic - (SDV03M)

  • Vibration Pads - (VP100)

  • Dual Control (standard on C3) - (DC1 - for C1 compressors)(DC2 for C2 compressors)

  • Belt Tensioner - (184DM - for 5 hp)(215DM - for 7.5 & 10 hp)(254DM - for 15 hp)

  • Right from the start kit - (Includes 1 gallon 30W compressor oil, 2 air filters, 4 vibration pads, 18" steel flex hose, and 3/4" ball valve)

                                             (For C1 & C2 - RFS001)  (For C3 - RFS002)

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