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If you want to keep noise to a minimum in your compressors environment, then these noise enclosures are the right solution.  They offer a clean look with external PSI gauge and can be easily accessed for any maintenance needs.  They are available in 2 sizes, for compressors up to 30hp, with up to 120 gallon vertical tanks.  Additionally, they have an external quick connect fitting, and control boxes can be mounted externally.  These enclosures have a thermostat controlled vent (2 on models for 25-30hp), and keep the temperature controlled so your compressor doesn't overheat.  The fan only runs when needed, conserving energy as well.  


These are only available on vertical tank compressors and are available for both piston, and rotary screw applications.  Noise levels are reduced by up to 20db and at the same time, the enclosure provides a clean environment for your compressor from nearby elements such as dust and debris.  These enclosures can accommodate any brand vertical tank compressor and can be easily adapted to your current compressor.  Call or stop by today to get more information on these or any of our other products. 

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