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CASTAIR Rotary-Piston compressors are a Hybrid compressor, that offers the best of both worlds.  The rotary screw will operate continuously at 100% duty cycle, while the piston portion will kick in if there is extra demand for air, that the rotary alone can't keep up with. Similar to a standard rotary screw, the compressor will shut down if there is no air demand for more than 10 minutes.  The piston compressor also acts as a backup compressor if there is a breakdown, or maintenance needed on the rotary screw.  If air demand is light, the user can choose to operate just the piston compressor, conserving energy at the same time.

Total horsepower: up to 45 and delivering up to 180 CFM @ 100 PSI (maximum psi is 175).  Users should determine their CFM required under normal operation and size the rotary screw to supply the needed CFM.  The piston compressor should be sized to whatever the peak CFM used would be under extreme operating conditions, to satisfy the additional demand needed.

Contact us today to determine the correct Rotary-Piston compressor for you!

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