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CASTAIR Rotary Screw compressors are 100% duty cycle compressors.  These are designed to run continuously, and supply a constant supply of air at a set PSI.   These units are self contained, on a USA made ASME tank, which eliminates a water separator and plumbing to the tank, as required by other brands.  The air ends are operated by a solenoid, as opposed to a computer.  They have a built in air/oil separator with a spin on filter.  Each compressor has easy to read pressure and temperature gauges.  Hour meters come standard for easily determining maintenance needs based on use.  All rotary screw compressors have spin on oil filters and use automotive-type paper filters for keeping components clean and running optimally.  The air cooled aftercooler/oil cooler is standard and easily removed, for cleaning and maintenance.  These units use off the shelf V-belts, and come standard with an adjustable belt tensioner.  They also include heavy duty 1725 rpm motors with full 15% service factor.  Compressors are factory filled with synthetic oil good for 1 year or 4000 service hours.

All Rotary Screw compressors come with a standard 2 year warranty on the air end, electric motor, and tank.  Compressors come standard at 135 psi, but can be ordered up to 175 psi from the factory.

Rotary Screw Series Compressors Available

Units come standard as 230V.  If you have 460V, additional charges will apply.

For 40 HP and above, please contact directly for availability and pricing.

Avaiable Options 
  • Automatic Tank Drain - (SDV03M)

  • Vibration Pads - (VP100)

Maintenance Kits for Rotary Screws

Each kit contains 2 air filters, 4 oil filters, 1 separator filter & 5 gallons synthetic rotary screw oil.  Buying the kit saves 10% from buying individually.

Maintenance Filters for Rotary Screws
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