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Air Compressors Plus carries accessories for your system that reduce noise, make maintaining your compressor easier, and also to protect your compressor.  We offer silencers that can be mounted to the compressor pump, which will reduce the intake noise level you would normally hear while the compressor is running.  If your compressor's environment is nearby, installing a silencer is a great way to reduce the noise level heard by everyone around.

We also sell both air actuated, and electronic tank drains.  These can be installed on the compressor, and will automatically drain the water from your tank, so you don't have to get down on the ground and drain the tank manually. 

  Remember, it's recommended to drain the air compressor tank daily during usage.  Having an automatic tank drain eliminates the need for you to do so manually and it always remembers, unlike humans, who sometimes just forget.  The air actuated tank drain eliminates tank water every time the pump shuts down and bleeds off head pressure.  The electronic tank drain can adjust both the duration of purge, as well as frequency, and is typically used on 10hp units and above. 


Either way, an automatic tank drain works, so you don't have to.

You have invested in your compressor, and a simple way to protect that investment is with a low oil control.  Lets say your shop shuts down for the night but no one shuts off the air supply or power from the compressor.  Now, that connected hose or shop piping springs a leak, and no one is around. 


 Your compressor is going to run continually until it either is shut off, or becomes damaged to the point of seizure.  A low oil control installed on your pump, will prevent the compressor from starting if there is ever a low oil situation within the pump.  Whether the correct oil level is not being maintained, or there is an oil leak for some reason, this will protect your compressor from starting, and save the components from seizing.  It's a low cost insurance policy for your compressor.

Call or stop by today to see any of our options for your air compressor!

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