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Air Compressors Plus is proud to offer quality products like the BRAVE line of pressure washers.  All BRAVE products are Made in the USA with premium components right here in a Midwest production facility.  These pressure washers deliver industry-leading quality and high customer satisfaction.  We currently offer 2 popular models of cold water pressure washers.

These BRAVE pressure washers come with Honda engines, one of the most trusted names in small engines.  These units are built for the most demanding applications and save you time on tasks such as washing cars, boats, sidewalks, siding, paint stripping and so much more.

Brave Model #BR2530HCO
$609.00 + tax
Truck Washing.jpg
sidewalk cleaning.jpg
Brave Model #BRP4030HAR
$999.00 + tax

The BRAVE model#BRP4030HAR is a heavy duty pressure washer that can be used for home or business, and is great for patio furniture, roofs, siding, decks, floors, hard stains, driveways, paint preparation, and so much more.  When time is an issue, this unit will get the job done and make easy work of any task.

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