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Our Enclosed Piston Compressor units are designed to maintain a quiet operating environment, with a clean, sleek looking design.  They offer the same high quality components used in our other compressors, with the added function of being extremely quiet, due to the cabinet design.  A cabinet contains the pump and motor, and has internal fans for cooling.  The cabinet is lined with sound proofing material to keep noise levels extremely low.  The design of the enclosure allows the user to start/stop the compressor with the push of a button, and to read air pressure from an easy to read gauge.  These units are offered in single phase 5 HP, and 3 phase 10 HP configurations.  CFM is rated at 18 cfm on the 5 HP unit, and 35.5 cfm on 10 HP units.  

Enclosed Compressor ACP.jpg
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