Air Compressors Plus offers several solutions for dealing with moisture which is inherent to air compressors.  On a basic level, the reason moisture is created in air compressors is the hot air produced from the compressor pump entering a much colder tank and therefore the hot air reaches its dew point and condenses into droplets.  This leaves moisture in your tank and that moisture can be passed into the air line system or to your tools being used.  There are many ways we can help with dealing with moisture issue, and the easiest way to produce dry air is by installing a refrigerated dryer between your compressor and the equipment using the air.


The refrigerated air dryer works by cooling the air from your compressor tank to a point that all water vapor can be eliminated through a water trap, leaving dry air from the refrigerated dryer to go to air piping or equipment.  There is very little maintenance that needs to be done to refrigerated air dryers making them a great choice for almost any application requiring dry air.  


Air Compressors Plus offer SMC brand refrigerated air dryers and they can be sized appropriately based on the CFM output of your compressor.  These dryers come in various power supplies and port sizes and can be customized for any customers personal needs.  SMC offers a 1 year warranty but will extend the warranty to 2 years as long as the end user installs a coalescing filter between the dryer and compressor.  All refrigerated air dryer manufacturers recommend having a coalescing filter which removes oil from the air prior to it entering the dryer.  It is also highly recommended that you have a prefilter as well to keep the dryer free of as much contaminants as possible.


If you need clean, dry air, Air Compressors Plus can help you achieve whatever it is you need for your system to operate optimally.  Call us today to discuss your specific needs and see how easy a refrigerated air dryer can help. 

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